What you eat improves the taste of your semen

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According to urban legends the taste of cum or vagina is influenced by what you eat. We of course totally agree with that, we don’t sell all these amazing ebooks with delicious recipes to change the taste of semen for nothing. But the best thing is of course when other parties can confirm what you state is true. Therefore we’d like to share article this with you.

Some time ago at Vice.com they decided to find out if there is any truth to this urban legend. And guess what… there is!

Two couples experimented with different diets (regular diet, healthy diet and a gluttonous diet).

A few quotes from the article:

Any kind of intake, whether it’s food, medication, or drink, can affect the flavor of your semen or vaginal fluid,” Dr. Carol Queen, a sociologist and sexologist whose practice focuses on sex-positivity, among other sex-related topics, recently told me over the phone

“If you want your bits to taste good, fruits like pineapple, papaya, and citrus will make a difference,” Dr. Queen said.

Your cum tastes like candy,” an ex once told me after she swallowed some of my boy butter. It was true; I kissed her and my semen tasted like fruit juice. During the previous few days, I had eaten pineapple and berries for lunch and was drinking more juice than usual.

Amanda: This time, her scent and taste was noticeably sweet, with more than a suggestion of pineapple. I also noticed she got wet more quickly than the previous week. Maybe related? Beyond the pineapple were super faint, herbal notes. I know that might sound odd, or like I’m talking about a Sauvignon Blanc, but it was there. Overall, a totally pleasing oral sex experience.

Stella: The taste today was very specific, and the first time in all of these experiments where her taste was truly sweet. It was almost reminiscent of cake batter, or Soylent. It is actually crazy that human beings can produce tastes like that, now that I think about it. Bodies are insane.

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