5 Tips For The Best Marriage Proposal

Proposing is a very big deal, both for the man and the woman involved in it. The man needs to work up the courage to ask the question, while the woman will get really emotional and cry. For women this moment is not only emotional, but highly important. They will talk with their girlfriends about this subject for days or weeks. Every one of her friends will know about how and when you proposed. Not to even mention the crazy talks about the ring she has.

So here are some tips for the best marriage proposal:

    • Plan Ahead – Planning is one of the most important things you can do. Pick a location, a date and make a speech before proposing. The talk before popping the question is important. It can make you girl teary or not. But if you prepare ahead, you will definitely impress your girl.
    • Talk To Her Parents – Even though it is a very traditional thing to do, do it. She will definitely appreciate that you have gone through all the effort to speak with her parents. And if she likes traditions, it is even better.
    • Pick The Ring or Let Her Do It – Some future brides are very particular when it comes to their jewelry. So, if you have noticed a pattern about what rings she likes and which she hates, you can easily pick a ring. On the other hand, if your girl is quite picky, I suggest you take her with you. This way there won’t be any unpleasant surprises ahead.
    • Go Big – Instead of picking a random location, pick a personal one. Maybe the spot where you two met or where you two had your first date. Get creative. Imply hobbies and likes into your proposal. Make your speech great, but not too clingy. Make it funny and adorable. Let her know why you want to marry her, what you like about her and why you love her so much. Do not just throw those magic words and expect some great reaction from her. She needs to be swept of her feet so be ready for that.
  • It Is All About Intimacy – While proposing in front of her family, friends or strangers, in the middle of the street or at a sports even sounds fun, it is not. The marriage proposal is a thing that should be intimate. Let her have her moment. Let her cry her eyes out and then make love to you all night. If you ask her in front of the family or some random people her reaction might be a bit awkward. Women get very emotional when it comes to proposals and this is why they should be kept private. Crying in front of your lover is awkward enough, let alone crying in front of some strangers. Get intimate and do it so she can remember it.

The marriage proposal is all about the passion, the intimacy and the fire. Follow these tips and your marriage proposal will be great.

Source by Tim L

Free Singles Sites


Most of the established singles’ websites offer full services only to the subscribed customers. However, they allow the users to register for free. By doing this, they can increase the number of contacts in their databases and give demonstrations of their services to the users. Some of the sites offer free registration and access to their full services for a limited period. For example, match.com, a prominent singles’ dating website, gives free registration and access to some of their services.

There are many singles’ websites that offer true free services. They provide registration and access to their services absolutely free without any time limitation or restriction. Singlesstop.com, one of the Internet’s largest, completely free, singles’ dating sites, is not a devoted dating site. They provide advice on a number of related topics, including relationship maintenance, flirting, etc. One of the most attractive features of this website is a question-and-answer section. They even offer a review of the various dating sites.

Matchdoctor.com, a leading singles’ and friends’ networking site, is noted for the quality of their services. The site has many features that most other paid dating sites do not offer. Hookup.com, a devoted singles’ website, offers many interesting services like the facility to send private messages, chat rooms, and surveys. Americansingles.com, with a proclaimed motto of connecting people, offers many ways to connect with other singles for dating, romance, and friendship.

Singles’ sites that target specific customers commonly charge for their services. However, there are many sites that offer free services to Christian and Jewish singles, like Christiancafe.com. There are many sites that offer similar services to the Asian and black communities.

Source by Jennifer Bailey

The Pros And Cons Of Long Distance Relationships


If you were to ask a few people around you right now about long distance relationships, they will tell you that they are the worst thing anyone could experience. But things are not quite as they say. As many other things, long distance relationships have pros and cons.

As an optimistic, I will start with the pros or long distance relationships:

  • You miss your partner – couples that live together often have one problem. They do not have time to miss each other due to the fact that they barely get alone time. They constantly see each other and sometimes this can drive you nuts. In a long distance relationship you get to miss your partner, his smell, smile, touch and many things.
  • You get alone time – despite contrary beliefs, me time is very important. In a relationship and outside of it as well. You get time to relax, do the things you love, go out with friends, stay with your family, study or simply watch a movie or a TV show that you love.
  • It’s a constant honeymoon – people who are in a long distance relationship know what I am talking about. While spending time with yourself is important, when you get the chance of meeting your partner is a constant honeymoon. You drink wine together and have long romantic evenings, you go out more for walks in the park. And not to mention that sex is better.

But there are also cons when you are having a long distance relationship:

  • Distance – ironic huh? But distance is your biggest enemy. You see your partner not as often as you would like and that can be frustrating sometimes. Especially when you hear your friends that they have a date on Friday and you know the only thing you have a date with is your laptop. Also you might feel like he can’t be there for you, especially through the dark periods of your relationship, because you only see his face, but he can’t hug you.
  • Tech is your best friend – as we do not spend enough time on our phones, a long distance relationship is based mostly on tech. You Skype, Facebook or text all through the day in order to communicate with your partner.
  • Things can get heated – if you are a rather jealous person you might get a little out of your mind in a long distance relationship. Mostly because you want to keep tabs on your boyfriend and if he is some miles away, you can’t.

Despite what people believe long distance relationship do work. But they work only if the two partners are fully committed and ready to make it work. Face to face relationships have hiccups sometimes, let alone the long distance ones. But if you are ready to make it work, compromise and understand that this situation will not last forever, your relationship will hold on. And to be fair, it is always nice to know you have someone waiting for you at the train station when you arrive.

Source by Tim L

Online Dating Hookups Are a Dangerous Endeavor


If Online Dating seems awkward to you, that is because it is awkward and unnatural. I can recall going to interview a gal for a dating book I am writing and she told me; “I am not very good at this online dating stuff.” I told her “Don’t worry about it, no one is.” One of the worst complaints I see reoccurring with women daters is that they don’t like the bluntness of the hook-up crowd. I can see why, but let’s discuss this a little further shall we?

A gal writes to me her complaints about online dating: “Most guys are just looking for a “hook-up” no romancing, no date night or holding hands. It’s sad! Where are the men who want to talk a walk on the beach, go wine tasting or Catalina for a fun trip?”

Here is what I told her from the other side of the fence; Well, I guess I understand both points of view (horny guy point of view and the gal seeking a long-term relationship). I mean I am a guy and as I’ve gotten back into shape my Libido is like 3-times the normal now, but all this “hook-up” jazz is F-dangerous (pun intended) and now that I’ve turned 50 and now single again starting the 2nd half of my life, the last thing I want is some venereal disease. I just think it is a stupid, short-term play for guys to do that, but I get it, I mean I understand.

For her in this case, I doubt she’ll have to settle for anything less than she desires, I mean she is looking great, 44 and has everything going for her right? Myself, I like the romance too, it makes life worth living. Just straight sex without the rest of it, isn’t fulfilling more than that brief couple of hours. Anyway, I think we pretty much agreed on that.

Indeed, after considering her point of view, I had a thought. I was thinking about what she said, about all the “guys wanting hookups” and well, you can’t blame them for being men. And one problem is that the Men’s Magazines recommend this “Free Dating” site for guys who want hookups, they also recommend Tender and a couple of others, so that does bring the one-night-stand crowd. However, there are probably lots of other guys too.

In her case her pictures show her as quite the babe, so timid guys are probably not so likely to contact her right away, and guys who are only out for one-thing are like; “Hell Ya! Give me a piece of that” as soon as they see her pictures. There is one picture her on the dating site lying down in quite a provocative way and most guys are thinking, “hmm? she’d make a great girlfriend, I wouldn’t get tired of looking at her, and we could really be good together” and these are the types of things that go through guy’s minds right? I mean that is a known quantity.

Online Dating is a lot easier when men and women understand where each side is coming from, so please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

Single and Waiting


Are you waiting for your Boaz? If you don’t know who Boaz is, he is a character from the Book of Ruth in the Bible. Boaz was a wealthy landowner. He noticed a foreigner named Ruth, took interest in her and immediately began to protect her. He found favor in her because of her kindness and Godly qualities. He instructed his male servants not to lay a hand on her and treated her like a queen. He knew that she was the woman for him when he first saw her. Today, many Christian women compare his qualities to those of the man they want in a husband; a man who will take care, protect, and treat them like queens.

Whether you haven’t met him yet or you think you have but you are still technically single, you may often find yourself wondering either “where is he?!” or “when is he going to ask me to marry him?!” Simply based on our feelings of readiness, we place all the blame on him.

I want to make a suggestion that perhaps this man is chosen for us by God and this chosen King will come when the Queen is really and truly ready. Just because we are tired of the single life, we feel like we are ready to settle down, we are in love or have met the man of our dreams does not mean we are ready for the purpose that God intends us to execute as a match for His chosen Boaz. We need to be open and ready to receive this man, emotionally healthy so that we have something to offer. Here are a few things to consider while waiting for your future hubby to arrive:

#1 Stop blaming him for not being able to fulfill your need to get married just because you feel you are ready! Everything happens for a reason and maybe the reason that you are waiting is because you are not as ready as you think.

#2 Dig deep. Take a look at yourself and ask if there is anything that you can work on to make yourself the very best you there is to offer. Are there any childhood troubles that haunt you or hold you back? Are there secrets that you have never discussed that have negatively shaped you into who you are today? Did you pick up a couple of undesirable traits from your parents that you wish you hadn’t? What about past relationships that you still hold resentment or shame about? Now is the time to reflect and face any demons or excess baggage that you carry. Try counseling or therapy and prayer to help you talk about it. This will not be easy, but God is watching, and sometimes He won’t allow you to move forward because He needs you to drop some things from your past. These things can get in the way of the role He needs you to play paired with your husband and your purpose. Your marital stagnation may not be Boaz’s fault at all. Your future hubby is going to need a helpmate not a patient.

#3 Have you ever really listened to the lyrics of the song “Bag Lady” by Erykah Badu? STOP RIGHT NOW and YouTube it. It’s quite deep and the message is clear. The bag lady portrayed in the song isn’t carrying physical baggage but the emotional kind. She states “Bag lady you gon’ miss your bus, you can’t hurry up, cuz you got too much stuff”, “one day, he gon’ say you crowding my space”. The lyrics elude to the fact that carrying too much baggage will delay life progress, slow you down from establishing successful relationships. It can get in the way of a current relationship, creating doubt by your mate that there is enough room for him along with your emotional baggage. Spend this time of waiting, reflecting and challenging yourself to learn more about you and face the tough stuff BEFORE you bind your man into marriage.

#4 It doesn’t have to be that deep. If in review of yourself your findings say that you are not emotionally challenged but yet Boaz is still not here, then use the time to check off a few bucket list items. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and amaze yourself about what you thought you could never do. Experience something new, discover new things.

#5 Last but not least Volunteer! Often times when you take the focus off of what you don’t have and put it into helping others, God will begin to answer your needs (this is how I met my husband).

My point is, if you take the focus off of him and invest it into yourself NOTHING but good can come out of it. One of three things will happen.

#1 You will distract yourself from the waiting period and next thing you know, your Boaz has arrived.

#2 You learn more about yourself; your confidence level goes through the roof and improves your chances of being noticed by the man of your dreams.

#3 After making all these improvements to yourself you may realize that the guy you were waiting on isn’t the Boaz you thought he was and you deserve better. There is definitely nothing wrong with that!

Source by Connie Jackson

Tips for the Best Marriage Proposal Ever!


Have you found the person of your dreams? Are you ready to propose and spend the rest of your life with her? Have you thought about how to make your marriage proposal extra special and romantic? Hopefully, you can envision an experience that she will never forget. After dating your special someone over a set amount of time, you should have an idea of what would make your proposal extraordinary and unforgettable for both of you. The first and most important thing you can do is to make sure she has the same thoughts about your future together as you do. Hopefully, she is openly suggesting and talking about a long-term future together. If she has not, before you propose, especially if it is in a public setting, you will need to nonchalantly find out if she will say “Yes” to your marriage proposal. Once you are certain her response will be “Yes”, you should craft your proposal around the assumption that most women like the idea of being surprised when asked for their hand in marriage.

After you are assured that the one you love will say “Yes” to your marriage proposal, you will need to ask permission from her father. This is an old tradition, but if you skip it, you will likely be making a grave mistake. If you fail to ask her father, she may say “No” until she talks to her parents, and you may upset your future father-in-law, possibly forfeiting financial assistance to help pay for the wedding.

Personally, I dated my wife for two years prior to asking for her hand in marriage. I was confident that she would say yes because of the numerous hints and discussions about our future together. At one such instance, when we were on vacation together in Las Vegas, she surprised me by telling me she wanted to get married while we were in Vegas. I refused, but I knew I would be asking for her hand in marriage within the next few months. So, I planned a mini vacation to Niagara Falls. When we got there, I took my future fiancé out to an elegant meal, and then arranged for a horse-drawn carriage to pick us up in front of the restaurant. After we both sat down in the carriage, the driver presented my future wife with two dozen red roses. To say the least, she was very surprised. We then continued to talk for the next few minutes as we proceeded to the falls. The driver stopped at a scenic spot in front of the falls, and I got down on my knee and pulled out a diamond ring from my pocket and asked for her hand in marriage. After a few tears and many kisses, I heard the words “Yes, I would love to marry you”.

Everyone’s relationship is different. Only you know what your potential future wife is passionate about, what her future aspirations are, and what she loves most about you. So, in crafting your marriage proposal keep in mind the following essential pieces:

• Make the Event Fit Your Personalities – Some couples may want to share the event with their family and friends, or they may want to have a private celebration. Make sure the event is something that she loves to do, maybe a sentimental location or something you’ve done with her in the past that she really enjoyed. Also, make sure the date you plan with her is a surprise.

• Pick out a Ring – Make sure the cost of the ring is within your financial budget. If she loves you the size of the ring should not matter.

• Flowers – Women love flowers. It’s just one more way you can show her how special she is to you.

• Ask for Permission from Her Father – It may be an old tradition, but one that is still followed by most people today. Make sure you ask for permission from her father prior to asking for her hand in marriage.

• Important Words – Even though you might be nervous, you must specifically ask the phrase “Will you marry me?”

Just remember, your marriage proposal should be an once-in-a-lifetime extra special occasion. Carefully plan out the day and make sure your future fiancé is ready and willing to say “Yes”. I’m sure you’ll be nervous, but don’t forget the basic elements to a successful marriage proposal. Good luck.

Source by Michael Zuren PhD.

Small Business: It’s All About Relationships


As the world of business becomes more complex, a small-business owner can no longer be an expert in all of the specialized disciplines a small business needs. Despite the fact that small-business owners must necessarily focus on producing and managing enough cash flow and on getting customers in the door, it is also critically important for them to cultivate and nurture relationships with a support team. This group includes:


A banker

An accountant/tax specialist

A lawyer

An insurance broker

A sales and marketing professional


Although thinking in terms of a “relationship” with employees might seem a little odd for a business owner, that relationship could be the most important of all of the relationships for the owner to cultivate. Because good employees represent a major resource in a small business, the time and effort the owner invests in nurturing that relationship has a huge return on investment. Employees who feel seen, respected and appreciated almost always produce more than anticipated.

Employees represent – in fact they are – the company to the customers. The business relationship with customers largely depends upon their experience and interaction with the employees. Happy employees tend to want to satisfy the customers, want to do a good job and want to stay in the job. This is important to the continuity of high-quality customer service and avoids the significant expense of employee turnover, employee retraining and the expensive but inevitable “rookie mistakes” of new, inexperienced employees. In addition, having trusted, long-term employees can free up the owner to handle off-site duties as needed. Establishing a retirement plan can benefit you and your employees.

A Banker

A banking relationship is an obvious need, not only for routine business banking, but particularly when capital is needed to grow, increase inventory, buy a building, bridge a short-term gap between payable and receivables or to address the seasonality of the cash flow in the business. The banker that an owner goes to for a loan should know the business owner, understand the history of the business and have an understanding of the owner’s judgment and credibility regarding the use and payback prospects for a loan. If the long-term relationship is there, or it is at least in the process of being built, the loan request has a much better chance of being approved. If the business has borrowed and repaid loans in the past, the established track record and relationship greatly enhance the approval prospects. (Loan protection insurance can help in the event of financial difficulty.

Accountant or Tax Specialist

A relationship with an accountant is equally important if the business owner is to be confident in the quality, clarity, timeliness and understanding of the financial reporting provided. A relationship with an accountant can also enhance the business’s credibility with a banker when the business is seeking additional capital.

Many small businesses combine the accountant and tax-specialist functions in one outside entity for convenience, time-saving and cost reasons. This is fine if the accountant has the requisite tax experience for the industry and the tax expertise for the specific business it serves.


Every business owner should have a relationship with a business lawyer, liability attorney or legal firm. When an owner invests money and effort in building a business, it must be safeguarded from loss as a result of a lawsuit.

Insurance Broker

As part of business risk management, the business also should have a relationship with and the trusted advice of an insurance broker who will provide the optimal coverage in the relevant areas within the constraints of the business budget.

Marketing Professional

Depending on the owner’s sales and marketing expertise, a relationship with a marketing professional is highly advised. Most small businesses start with an entrepreneur who has a specific technical skill, a trade certification or has built up a following of customers for good work done.

Source by Joseph Obaigbavbiere

Dating Dangers on the Internet


Internet dating is a popular method of finding love, it is quick with no waiting for snail mail letters to arrive in the post but dating sites are a popular hunting ground for scammers, those people whose intentions are anything but love and rather than finding the key to your heart these people have only one thing in mind-to charm their way into your bank account. There are obvious things to watch out for in a scammer with the main ones being;

(1) The person who contacts you is much younger than you are. It appeals to the ego when someone much younger than ourselves is interested in us but when the other person states in their first letter “age is immaterial” then this should act as a red flag immediately. Ask yourself this question “Would I be interested in someone much older than myself?”

(2) The other person wants to hasten the relationship and usually from the outset will use flattering words to make you field good about yourself. If you are a man then you will be sent photos of beautiful women. These should act as a red flag because if these people are so nice then why don’t they find someone in their own country?

(3) When an African country is mentioned alarm bells should start ringing loud and clear because so many internet scams originate from there but not necessarily. The scammer may come up with a story that he or she comes from another country but is working in Africa.

(4)When your so-called pen friend asks you for money because of some unfortunate incident which has happened such as a car accident, their child is ill, or some other reason then you can be certain that the person is a scammer. People who have been gullible enough to send money to such people have found that there are never-ending request for cash and these unfortunates incidents keep cropping up in this individual’s life. They say “love is blind” and it is true. Common sense tends to go out of the window when someone has finally discovered what they believe is “the love of their life.”

So what precautions can you taking with joining a dating site? Here are some;

Set up a new email address specifically for this purpose and do not include your surname in it. Do not under any circumstances give out your home phone number, use a cellphone, preferably not the same one you use for your everyday use. Visit my site for more information about making new friends at; www.penpalsnz.weebly.com

Source by Robert Alan Stewart

The "Right Hand Bling Ring" – The Ultimate New Accessory For Savvy Singles….


When my first marriage faded into oblivion, the engagement ring I’d worn with such joy and love was banished to my jewelry case.

Some years later, older and much wiser, I resurrected the ring and had it re-set by a jeweler friend to reflect my newly discovered independence and style. But back in those days, the sight of those diamonds on my right hand was simply a painful reminder of my failure in the marriage stakes.

Now it seems I was ahead of my time.

The right-hand bling ring is the latest status symbol for women who no longer feel they have anything to prove.

Women are earning more, marrying later and have more disposable income than ever before, leaving them with plenty of room for a little self-indulgence. And it goes without saying that the newest status symbol should encompass the ultimate status symbol, diamonds.

In fact, the trend has become such a major force it’s been given its own (albeit lackluster) terminology – “self-purchaser”.

According to Greg Distefano, a spokesman for the Diamond Information Center at J. Walter Thompson, “The self-purchase market is now a $3.75 billion business in the United States. Rings are the single largest type in this market. They account for two out of every five pieces of self-purchased jewelry.”

Eager to get in on the action, DeBeers, the world’s largest diamond producer, has produced a series of ads to tap into the hearts and wallets of this enormous, previously ignored, consumer demographic.

“Your left hand is your heart. Your right hand is your voice,” croons their recent print ads. “Your left hand says ‘I do.’ Your right hand says ‘I did what?’ Your left hand knows the answers. Your right hand asks the questions. Your left hand rocks the cradle, your right hand rules the world. Women of the world, raise your right hand.”

With a market of over 43 million single women in the United States, Ruta Fox, a former advertising copywriter, created the “Ah Ring” in December 2000. “Since I was single, I named it The Ah Ring, and decided “Ah” would symbolize being A, available and H, happy. I thought since married women have wedding rings, and engaged women have engagement rings, single women should have a diamond ring they could buy and call their own,” says Ruta.

The Ah Ring was an instant success, generating over a million dollars in sales in the first year, and was featured in Oprah Winfrey’s “O” magazine.

Never a group to ignore the latest preoccupation with self-indulgence, celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon and taken the trend for diamond accessorizing to a whole new level. At this year’s Oscars 5,000 carats of diamonds strolled the red carpet. Showcasing diamond baubles by jewelry design luminaries like Fred Leighton and Harry Winston, single celebrities Renee Zellweger, Cameron Diaz and Halle Berry shone brighter than the strobe lights.

So, what are the top-selling trends in right-hand bling rings?

Mondera.com, a leading online jeweler, suggests colored diamonds are a popular choice, with pink, canary yellow, and blue diamonds the biggest sellers. The resurgence of brown diamonds, re-named and now cleverly marketed as cognac and champagne diamonds also sell well.

Contemporary settings, such as the sleek bezel-set and pavé, are popular with singles wishing to avoid the look of the classic round solitaire diamond. And for those who aspire to the cool sophistication of Audrey Hepburn, Tiffany’s newly released Lucida setting is the ultimate in bling ring elegance.

But for those sassy singles who would have to forego three months’ rent to afford a diamond, there are plenty of fabulous alternatives.

For all the bling without the sting, cubic zirconias are made with such precision these days that usually only a jeweler’s loupe can spot the difference. From the sublime to the outrageous, the affordability of cubic zirconias means that you can have a different ring to match your outfit and your mood!

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” may well have become the newly revived mantra for the modern 21st century woman, but if you still need an excuse to go out and get yourself some bling, I like to remind myself of the L’Oreal maxim – “Because I’m worth it!”

Source by Alex Miller

How To Awaken a Comfortably Numb Marriage


As my son Billy was growing up, he had a couple of habits which earned him the nicknames “Dollar Billy’ and “Mr. What If”. If there was a dollar to be found, this boy would find it. There was no dollar that could escape Billy’s radar no matter how hard it tried. It could be on the ground, under a rock, in a tin can… if it was anywhere in a 100 yard radius, he would find it, period amen. Thus, he will forever be known as “Dollar Billy”.

“Mr. What If” is another story. There wasn’t a day that went by without Billy coming up to me with a “what if” idea on how to make something easier, better, or more enjoyable. I would tell him his idea was great but it was only the first step in a two-step process, with the second step being: you have to make it happen to reap its benefits.

How many times have you given up on that simple, yet wonderful, idea which would make life so much easier only to find out later someone else not only had the same idea, but took it to the next level… step two? And by doing so, he enjoys all the credit and accolades for his effort, while you are left agonizing over the question… what if?

I see couples every day who are comfortably numb in their marriages. Statistics state 50% of all marriages end in divorce, and I know for a fact, out of the remaining 50%, half of them are unhappy with theirs. Hell, I don’t know anyone who wants to have an unhappy or boring marriage, or wouldn’t like to have some excitement and maybe some unpredictable romance as well. But I do know of many who are too proud to take the first step. As I ponder this, I can’t help but hear Billy’s refrain ringing in my ears… what if? What if I cultivated our relationship with the same fervor I did pursuing it? What if I fine turned our romance just a little? What if I took the first step? Maybe a few “what if I” ideas might just be what the doctor ordered.

Remember, the best ones are the most simple. It’s the little things that make the difference. They’re the ones we overlook that are right in front of our eyes. Yes, they’re the ones we’ve thought of many times, although this time go ahead and apply step two and make it happen as you begin to enjoy one of life’s undeniable truths… You get what you give.

What if?

• You give her a rose for no particular reason.

• You smile at him saying how much you appreciate him.

• You treat her as if you had competition.

• You call him at work just to tell him how much you love him.

• You kiss her goodbye when you leave for work.

• You start working out to stay in shape.

• You tell her why you love her.

• You were romantic for no particular reason.

• You send a text telling her how much you love her

• You plan a date night once a month or so.

• You compliment her in front of her friends.

• You listen when she has something to say.

Yes, “what if” is a very interesting and thought rovoking question which begs the answer… why not?

Tell me one of your “what ifs”

Bill Peak

Source by William Peak