How to Save Your Marriage in 9 Easy Steps


1. God Matters

You need to remember that no human being can make you complete, I hear some entertainers, say He/she (their spouse or lover) completes me. We all need God in our lives and we must focus on him and keep him prominently in our marriage. We are finite and he is infinite. You have no control over your life or marriage, only he does ultimately.

2. Prayer

Spend some time praying as a couple, God is not some cosmic genie who you approach to get your needs met, he wants to be in your life. He knows your needs even before you know, that you have that need and yet he wants us to pray without ceasing (in other words frequently) as he wants a relationship with us.

3. Ditch The Ego

When your spouse screws up, don’t be so quick to condemn him/her, none of us are perfect,instead encourage your spouse,again be willing to do something for your spouse without pointing out what you did for him/her even when you feel that they didn’t deserve it. what you do in secret God will reward you openly.

4. Trials and Disagreements Are Inevitable

Whether you’ve been married a year (or less) or you’ve been married 69 years (like the late Bob Hope and his wife Dolores) there are going to disagreements and trials e.g the death of a loved one,a financial setback.

While we’re going through trials it may seem hopeless and something that you just don’t understand; but trials can sometimes build character and strengthen your marriage as you both face them together.

You might not see or understand why God doesn’t end the trial right away, just remember Romans 8v28 All things work together for the good of those who love God.

In response to your prayer for relief, Sometimes God Says Yes,No or wait, I have a plan for your marriage. He sees the beginning from the end.

5. Slow to speak

Resolve differences quickly, don’t let the sun go down on your anger. While you’re both yelling, take some time apart from each other to think and then come together to resolve those differences with consideration for each other and if you have kids,for them as well. Out of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Listen to and respect each other before responding. There is on “winning or outdoing each other”

6. Do Something New Together

Try a new activity together,something that will require both of you to work together,Think of what God would want, so that even if you can’t stand each other right that moment, it should give you both pause.

The activity can be building a sand castle, signing up for one of those bicycle races that have bikes for two people. Put your thinking caps on.

7. Read Your Bible:

As You spend time with your spouse in the bible on a regular basis, you will come to more adequately understand God’s ways and his word on marriage,life and how to thrive in the midst of the storm. A peace that surpasses all human understanding.

8. Romance

Date Each Other on a regular basis and don’t feel guilty about being a bad parent,Hire a reliable Babysitter,(no calling to check up every 5 seconds) Turn up the dial on the romance. Do Something different,Something Fresh,New and creative for each date.

9. Third Party

If no matter how hard you try, you cannot resolve your disagreements, its time to involve a third party such as a pastor or counselor that both of you would feel comfortable with, preferably someone who shares your values/point of view.

Source by Ebong A Umana