Dating Dangers on the Internet


Internet dating is a popular method of finding love, it is quick with no waiting for snail mail letters to arrive in the post but dating sites are a popular hunting ground for scammers, those people whose intentions are anything but love and rather than finding the key to your heart these people have only one thing in mind-to charm their way into your bank account. There are obvious things to watch out for in a scammer with the main ones being;

(1) The person who contacts you is much younger than you are. It appeals to the ego when someone much younger than ourselves is interested in us but when the other person states in their first letter “age is immaterial” then this should act as a red flag immediately. Ask yourself this question “Would I be interested in someone much older than myself?”

(2) The other person wants to hasten the relationship and usually from the outset will use flattering words to make you field good about yourself. If you are a man then you will be sent photos of beautiful women. These should act as a red flag because if these people are so nice then why don’t they find someone in their own country?

(3) When an African country is mentioned alarm bells should start ringing loud and clear because so many internet scams originate from there but not necessarily. The scammer may come up with a story that he or she comes from another country but is working in Africa.

(4)When your so-called pen friend asks you for money because of some unfortunate incident which has happened such as a car accident, their child is ill, or some other reason then you can be certain that the person is a scammer. People who have been gullible enough to send money to such people have found that there are never-ending request for cash and these unfortunates incidents keep cropping up in this individual’s life. They say “love is blind” and it is true. Common sense tends to go out of the window when someone has finally discovered what they believe is “the love of their life.”

So what precautions can you taking with joining a dating site? Here are some;

Set up a new email address specifically for this purpose and do not include your surname in it. Do not under any circumstances give out your home phone number, use a cellphone, preferably not the same one you use for your everyday use. Visit my site for more information about making new friends at;

Source by Robert Alan Stewart